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The Australian marine renewable energy industry includes an impressive and diverse group of wave energy device developers, including Bombora Wave Power, Carnegie Clean Energy, Pearl Clean Energy, ROC Technologies , Biopower systems, Waverider Energy and Wave Swell Energy. There are also tidal energy companies, such as MAKO Energy, which are growing within Australia. WERC positions itself to be a key research hub in marine renewable energy for this industry to tap into – also involving international companies, such as Sabella, CorPower Ocean, Eco Wave Power, Fugro USA Land, Inc. (wind power structure research) and WedgeGlobal. This hub of researchers will provide a key resource for the Australian industry:

  • by providing research capability to advise on a wide variety of technical marine renewable energy issues;
  • by providing a focal point for developing joint research projects (including federal funding schemes);
  • by providing a critical mass to advocate for the Australian marine renewable energy industry; and
  • by providing support to developers looking to access the common user resources in Albany.

WERC is a co-founding Steering Committee member of the Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG) which is a national industry-led collaboration involving diverse companies aligned around building a robust, prosperous ocean energy industry for Australia.